About Us

About Flat Roof Direct

Flat Roof Direct flat roofing contractors have many years experience of roofing contract work while repairing, refurbishing, replacing existing roofing and building newly constructed commercial premises.

We offer all the necessary flat roofing contractor services, advice and information you need. What is the best type of flat roof for your project? Felt v Asphalt, Fibreglass v rubber or Single-ply membrane? The purpose of your roof is all important. For example, a felt roof is low cost with proven results but isn’t suitable for foot traffic, requires heat to install, needs professional maintenance. Needing heat for roofing installation requires careful scheduling and management. Ongoing professional support has facilities budgetary issues.

At Flat Roof Direct we can draw on many years experience and examples of our work throughout the North West, Yorkshire, Midlands and across the UK to demonstrate our expertise. We are proud to be able to offer teams of flat roofing contractors with the necessary know-how you need for commercial, industrial, retail, education and social housing organisations and businesses.