Insulation Upgrade

Cold flat roofs are now a thing of the past. Poor flat roof designs led to condensation, rotting timbers, damp ceilings and rendered any internal insulation completely ineffective. Building many flat roofs without any ventilation gave more decay and mould problems. Draughts were essential to allow condensation to escape, particularly over bathroom and kitchen areas. Properties with draughty, cold flat roofed areas can now be a thing of the past.

Do you have a cold flat roofed area? Discover how we can upgrade the insulation for your property. Bringing insulation inside the roof gives a warm deck.

Condensation cannot form on the underside. The design retains heat, requiring no ventilation. Modern foil covered foam flat roof insulation can reflect heat from both sides. Predict delivery of more than double the thermal efficiency of mineral wool. The depth of your timber joists doesn’t limit the insulation thickness – you can choose just how much insulation you require. A vapour barrier layer is added and is an important part of the whole flat roofing insulation process.

Convert any cold deck flat roof to a warm deck with an insulation upgrade. Address the problem roof area sooner rather than later to ensure that you preserve the roof joist timbers and other key areas of the property structure. Where the existing roof deck is in satisfactory condition and of a suitable material the build-up insulation layer can be waterproofed with a high-performance roof covering.

All materials are certified and have manufacturer guarantees. Ensure that your investment in your property is energy efficient. Quality insulation upgrades not only protect your property but your finances too. An insulation upgrade is a long-term investment that will continue to pay back for many years.